MMS #91 - Unlocking Curiosity: Leadership and Culture with Carl Lubbe
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MMS #91 - Unlocking Curiosity: Leadership and Culture with Carl Lubbe

Welcome to Episode 91 of Mastering Modern Selling!

We had the pleasure of hosting Carl Lubbe, a renowned curiosity coach. 

Carl brings a wealth of experience and unique perspectives on sales leadership and the power of curiosity in driving sales success. 

This episode is packed with insightful and transformative advice for sales professionals aiming to elevate their game.

Key Points:

  1. The Importance of Presence in Sales: Carl emphasizes the significance of being truly present during sales interactions. He introduces techniques like the "30-second micro meeting" and taking deep breaths before a call to help salespeople stay focused and engaged with their clients.
  2. Curiosity as a Superpower: Carl believes that curiosity is a critical trait for successful salespeople. By approaching conversations with genuine interest and curiosity, sales professionals can create stronger connections and uncover deeper insights about their clients' needs and challenges.
  3. People Over Product: One of Carl's core messages is that people, not products, are the profit in sales. He encourages sales leaders to foster a culture that prioritizes understanding and serving the people behind the transactions, leading to more meaningful and successful engagements.
  4. Overcoming Sales Challenges: Carl discusses common pitfalls in B2B sales, such as the pressure to rush through interactions and the tendency to focus on numbers rather than individuals. He offers strategies for slowing down, being present, and truly connecting with clients to drive better outcomes.
  5. The Eight-Year-Old Mindset: In a unique twist, Carl advises sales professionals to tap into their "inner eight-year-old" by maintaining a sense of wonder and curiosity in their interactions. This mindset helps to alleviate fear and anxiety, making sales conversations more authentic and effective.

Carl Lubbe's insights provide a refreshing and transformative approach to sales.

By emphasizing presence, curiosity, and genuine human connection, he offers practical strategies for sales professionals to enhance their effectiveness and build lasting relationships.

For a deeper dive into Carl's methods and to hear more of his valuable advice, be sure to watch the full episode!

If you found these insights valuable, don't miss the full episode for a comprehensive exploration of Carl Lubbe's innovative sales strategies.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts on how curiosity and presence have impacted your sales success!

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