MMS #69 - Retro Selling (Relationship First) in a Digital Age with Kevin Brown
Mastering Modern SellingJanuary 22, 202400:57:5139.77 MB

MMS #69 - Retro Selling (Relationship First) in a Digital Age with Kevin Brown

In this episode, we are joined by Kevin Brown from LeadSmart Technologies. We begin with a reflective journey that takes us from Kevin's early experiences to the modern sales environment influenced by AI, social media, and a customer-focused approach. We discuss LinkedIn's transformation into a vital tool for sales and share interesting anecdotes from his professional history. Kevin provides valuable advice aimed at improving engagement and attracting potential clients, especially at trade shows.

We also address the challenges of transitioning from a passive online presence to an active, impactful one in social selling. We also delve into the complexities of expanding networks, crafting appropriate messages, and overcoming self-doubt.

As we conclude, we focus on the significance of building relationships in sales. We discuss ways to position yourself as a trusted advisor in your industry and how to nurture genuine connections that lead to business opportunities. Kevin shares his experiences with successful internal networking and educational sales methods. We also address key questions on prioritizing activities to create a cascading effect in sales results.

This episode is packed with practical advice and strategies for using LinkedIn effectively, expanding your network through live engagements, and becoming an appealing brand for your target audience.