MMS #75 - The Sales Evolution: Digital First, Not Digital Only with David J. P. Fisher
Mastering Modern SellingMarch 01, 2024x
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MMS #75 - The Sales Evolution: Digital First, Not Digital Only with David J. P. Fisher

In episode 75 of "Mastering Modern Selling," we delve into the evolving world of digital sales with guest David JP Fisher. Unpack the essence of digital-first approaches and human connections in sales with actionable insights from Fisher's extensive experience.

Key Points:

  1. Digital First, Not Digital Only: Fisher emphasizes the importance of a digital-first approach while maintaining human connections. Sales at its core is about human interaction, not just technology.
  2. Leveraging LinkedIn: Fisher shares his journey from selling knives to becoming a LinkedIn sales pioneer, highlighting the platform's role in modern selling and relationship building.
  3. Commenting Strategy: A simple yet effective tactic Fisher recommends is engaging meaningfully with connections through comments on LinkedIn, fostering interaction and visibility.
  4. Building Social Capital: Fisher stresses the importance of earning trust and recognition in your network before making sales pitches, advocating for building relationships over time.
  5. Authenticity and Storytelling: Sharing genuine experiences and stories resonate more with audiences, helping build a credible and relatable online presence.

David JP Fisher's insights remind us that while digital tools are indispensable, the human element remains central to sales success. By integrating digital strategies with genuine interactions, sales professionals can navigate the modern selling landscape more effectively.

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