MMS #79 - The Modern Revenue Generation Fly Wheel
Mastering Modern SellingMarch 28, 2024x
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MMS #79 - The Modern Revenue Generation Fly Wheel

In the latest episode of Mastering Modern Selling, we head into the heart of modern sales techniques with the hosts, Tom Burton and Brandon Lee. 

This episode highlights the evolving landscape of sales, offering a fresh perspective on engaging with the modern buyer.

Five Essential Insights:

  1. Old Sales Methods Are Out: Brandon Lee explains that the old way of selling, where you guide potential customers through a set process, isn't effective anymore. We need to change how we think about sales to succeed in the digital age.
  2. The New Sales Strategy - The Flywheel: Learn about the "Modern Revenue Generation Flywheel," a new approach that replaces the outdated sales funnel. This strategy focuses on ongoing interaction, building relationships, and providing value online.
  3. Building Trust Online: Discover the importance of building trust and genuine connections online, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. It's all about having real conversations, not just selling.
  4. The Importance of Being Liked and Trusted: The episode highlights how crucial it is to be known, liked, and trusted. These are key to forming strong relationships with potential customers in the digital world.
  5. Getting and Keeping Attention: Find out why it's vital to grab and keep your customers' attention in a busy online space. It's better to create new interest in your product than to rely on existing demand.

The episode wraps up by bringing together all the ideas and strategies discussed, showing how important it is for sales professionals to adapt to modern selling techniques. 

Building relationships, engaging digitally, and focusing on the customer are essential in today's sales world.

Use these insights and strategies to improve your sales approach and make more meaningful connections with your customers online.