MMS #81 - "Show Me You Know Me" with Samantha McKenna: LinkedIn Strategies That Create Opportunities
Mastering Modern SellingApril 12, 2024x
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MMS #81 - "Show Me You Know Me" with Samantha McKenna: LinkedIn Strategies That Create Opportunities

In an enlightening episode of Mastering Modern Selling, Samantha McKenna, CEO of #SamSales Consulting, brings her vibrant energy and unmatched expertise to the table.

As a veteran in enterprise sales with a rich background including leading roles at major corporations like LinkedIn, McKenna offers a fresh perspective on sales strategies that break the conventional mold. 

Here are five essential insights she shared, designed to elevate the sales experience:

  1. The Delayed Thank-You Tactic: McKenna introduces a subtle yet powerful technique called the 'delayed thank-you.' Instead of immediately responding with gratitude after a proposal submission, she suggests waiting until the promised follow-up time. This tactic ingeniously nudges the client to remember and honor their commitment, increasing the likelihood of a timely response.
  2. Proactive Calendar Management: To combat the common issue of unresponsive prospects post-initial agreement, McKenna recommends proactively scheduling meetings for a future date, giving clients an easy way to confirm or reschedule. This assertive approach minimizes limbo and boosts the efficiency of securing important sales discussions.
  3. Humanizing Sales Interactions: Emphasizing manners and authenticity, McKenna advises sales professionals to humanize their interactions. By prioritizing genuine communication and avoiding salesy jargon, sellers can foster better relationships and stand out in a profession often marred by stereotypes of pushiness.
  4. Navigating LinkedIn as a Sales Tool: Leveraging her expertise from years at LinkedIn, McKenna stresses the importance of using LinkedIn not only to project thought leadership but also to engage actively with potential clients' content. This strategy helps build relationships and positions sales professionals as attentive and informed partners.
  5. Expanding the Sandbox: McKenna shares a case study of engaging a potential client through strategic interactions on LinkedIn. By consistently engaging with the client’s posts and offering value, she was able to secure a significant business opportunity, showcasing the effectiveness of thoughtful social selling.

This episode merges traditional sales techniques with modern digital strategies, particularly in leveraging social media for meaningful business relationships. 

These insights not only challenge the status quo but also invite sales professionals to refine their methods and mindset toward more effective selling.