MMS #82 - How CMOs Can Elevate CEO Personal Brands with MJ Smith
Mastering Modern SellingApril 18, 2024x
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MMS #82 - How CMOs Can Elevate CEO Personal Brands with MJ Smith

In this episode of Mastering Modern Selling, our special guest, MJ Smith, a seasoned B2B marketing leader with extensive experience in the industrial sector, shared invaluable insights that are shaping the future of sales and marketing. 

Below are the five key takeaways from our enlightening discussion:

  1. Leadership and Content Synergy:
    • MJ underscored the critical role of aligning company leadership with marketing strategies. His approach involves creating a cohesive narrative across the organization, starting from the CEO, to ensure that the messaging resonates deeply and uniformly across all platforms.
  2. Harnessing CEO Influence on LinkedIn:
    • An astonishing 19% of MJ's qualified pipeline results from the CEO's active participation on LinkedIn. This highlights the power of personal branding and direct engagement by company leaders on social platforms to drive tangible business outcomes.
  3. Strategic Narrative Development:
    • The conversation emphasized the importance of crafting a compelling strategic narrative that answers "why change" and "why now" for customers. This narrative serves as a foundational piece that informs all aspects of business communication and product development, ensuring consistency and clarity in all messages.
  4. Content Diversity and Authenticity:
    • MJ advocates for a mix of content types on social media, from strategic narrative posts to spontaneous, visionary insights directly from the CEO. This blend not only enriches the content stream but also maintains authenticity, keeping the audience engaged and connected.
  5. Focused Channel Strategy:
    • Focusing predominantly on LinkedIn has allowed MJ's team to maximize their impact where their target audience is most active. This strategy of channel concentration rather than dilution across multiple platforms has been key to building a strong brand presence and recognition.

Engage, Inspire, and Innovate

MJ Smith’s session is a treasure trove of innovative strategies that challenge conventional sales and marketing approaches. His integration of personal leadership narratives into the company’s brand story, combined with a focused content strategy, provides a replicable model for sales leaders looking to elevate their game in the digital age.