MMS #84 - A CEO's Guide: Using LinkedIn for 60%+ Business Opportunities with Matt Watson
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MMS #84 - A CEO's Guide: Using LinkedIn for 60%+ Business Opportunities with Matt Watson

In the latest episode of 'Mastering Modern Selling,' we had the pleasure of hosting Matt Watson, the dynamic founder and CEO of Full Scale. 

This discussion is a treasure trove of practical insights on leveraging personal branding and modern selling strategies effectively.

Key Insights from the Episode:

  1. Personal Branding on LinkedIn:
    • Matt emphasized the power of LinkedIn for personal branding. Regularly posting relevant content not only boosts visibility but also establishes credibility and authority in your industry.
  2. The Importance of Networking:
    • The discussion underscored the importance of building a robust network. Matt shared how his extensive network was crucial in the rapid growth of his company, highlighting that your network can significantly amplify your reach and impact.
  3. Content Consistency:
    • Staying consistent with content creation on LinkedIn is vital. It keeps you top of mind for your network, ensuring that when they need services you offer, your name is the first that comes to mind.
  4. Engagement Beyond Likes:
    • Engagement doesn't always manifest as likes or comments. Many are silently observing and absorbing your content, which can lead to opportunities when they decide to engage more directly.
  5. Integrating Sales and Marketing:
    • Matt's journey from a tech specialist to a marketing-savvy CEO illustrates the importance of integrating sales and marketing. Understanding and embracing marketing can profoundly impact business growth and sales.

Matt Watson's insights from this episode of 'Mastering Modern Selling' are invaluable for anyone looking to sharpen their sales and marketing strategies in the digital age. 

His success story is a testament to the power of personal branding and network leveraging in modern selling environments.

Don't miss out—your next big idea could be just one episode away!

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