MMS #88 - Intentional Moves: Career Strategies to Reach the Top 10% with Kristie Jones
Mastering Modern SellingMay 30, 2024x
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MMS #88 - Intentional Moves: Career Strategies to Reach the Top 10% with Kristie Jones

In the latest episode of Mastering Modern Selling, Brandon Lee and Tom Burton welcome back Kristie Jones, a seasoned consultant specializing in helping early-stage startups and privately-owned companies.

Kristie's expertise in sales processes, hiring, and career strategy shines through as she shares invaluable insights on making intentional career moves. Here’s a quick recap of the episode:

1. Embrace Full-Cycle Selling:

  • Kristie highlights a significant shift in the industry where full-cycle sellers are becoming the norm. These professionals are responsible for the entire sales process, from prospecting to closing. This approach ensures that salespeople are deeply engaged and accountable for their sales pipeline.

2. The Importance of Sales Processes:

  • One of Kristie's key points is that often the people aren't broken, but the processes are. She emphasizes the necessity of having well-documented and effective sales processes that tie seamlessly into CRM systems. Without robust processes, even the best sales talent can struggle.

3. Leveraging Communities for Prospecting:

  • Kristie introduces the idea of using communities, such as Reddit and various Slack groups, for finding and engaging with prospects. These platforms offer raw and unfiltered insights into potential customers' pain points and needs. Engaging authentically in these spaces can set sales professionals apart as trusted advisors.

4. Strategic Hiring:

  • In her consulting work, Kristie often assists companies in hiring the right talent. She shares her approach to project managing the hiring process to ensure the best candidates are selected. This involves a deep understanding of both the company's needs and the candidates' strengths.

5. Overcoming Burnout and Career Missteps:

  • Addressing a common issue, Kristie discusses how many sales professionals experience burnout due to poor job fit. She encourages listeners to be intentional about their career choices, ensuring they align with their strengths and career aspirations. Finding the right role can make a significant difference in job satisfaction and performance.

Kristie's insights underscore the importance of being intentional and strategic in both career and sales processes.

Sales professionals can unlock significant growth and success by embracing full-cycle selling, refining sales processes, leveraging communities for authentic engagement, hiring strategically, and aligning career moves with personal strengths.

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