MMS #89 - Leading Change in an Era of AI: Empowering Sellers with Bill Kirst
Mastering Modern SellingJune 06, 2024x
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MMS #89 - Leading Change in an Era of AI: Empowering Sellers with Bill Kirst

In episode 89 of Mastering Modern Selling, hosts Tom, Brandon, and guest host Kristie Jones, engage in a riveting conversation with Bill Kirst, a renowned change management expert. 

The discussion dives deep into the transformative potential of AI in sales and the critical role of empathy and effective change management in leveraging this technology.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Importance of Empathy in Change Management:
    • Bill emphasizes empathy as his greatest skill set, crucial for understanding and supporting individuals through change. Empathy counters apathy and inertia, significant risks in any organization. It helps build trust, fosters relationships, and supports the human side of technological transitions​​ .
  2. AI’s Role in Enhancing Sales Efficiency:
    • AI tools like Microsoft's Sales CoPilot (formerly Viva Sales) aim to free up time for sellers by automating administrative tasks. Bill shares statistics showing that sellers spend 70% of their time on non-selling activities. AI can reduce this burden, allowing sellers to focus on building relationships and strategic thinking .
  3. Adapting to AI: Embracing Change:
    • AI is set to drastically change jobs, particularly in sales. It’s crucial to help individuals understand how their roles will evolve with AI rather than just focusing on how to use the technology. This change management should be 90% about adapting to new roles and 10% about the technology itself .
  4. Building a Culture of Continuous Learning:
    • AI implementation should come with support for continuous learning and professional development. Sales leaders need to ensure their teams are not just using AI tools but are also enhancing their sales skills and adapting to new ways of working. This involves coaching and mentoring to fully leverage the benefits of AI .
  5. The Future of Work with AI:
    • As AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it will teach us more about ourselves and our work. Leaders need to prepare their teams for this shift by fostering a culture of curiosity and adaptability. This includes encouraging critical thinking and reducing over-reliance on scripts and rigid processes .

Bill Kirst’s insights shed light on the transformative potential of AI in sales and the essential role of empathy and effective change management. 

By focusing on human connections and continuous learning, organizations can successfully navigate the changes brought by AI. 

Dive into the full episode to explore more about leveraging AI in sales and learn practical tips for effective change management.

Stay ahead in the game by understanding how to integrate these innovations into your sales strategies.

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