SS 2.0 - #58: Social Selling Simplified with Special Guest Mike Weinberg
Mastering Modern SellingNovember 12, 202301:01:3742.35 MB

SS 2.0 - #58: Social Selling Simplified with Special Guest Mike Weinberg

In this episode we welcome best-selling author Mike Weinberg! As a top performer in sales, Mike has embarked on a journey from being a stellar salesperson to a triumphant sales management culture leader. His ride, filled with trials, triumphs and a treasure trove of insights, not only makes for an engaging tale but offers a wealth of wisdom on the importance of sales management and the challenges that come with its transition.

We traverse into the details of Mike's latest book and explore the process behind its creation and the impact it's making. Furthermore, Mike shares his expertise on the necessity of traditional sales principles and the importance of rewarding salespeople who bring new business.

In addition, Mike shares his candid thoughts on how social selling has found its place in mainstream sales, emphasizing the importance of offering value and building relationships. He also underscores the significance of using social as a channel effectively and strategically. 

Finally, Mike guides us through the essentials of sales management, highlighting the importance of customer-centric sales approaches and spends time discussing the shift from forecast to pipeline. Don't miss an unforgettable episode filled with expert advice, valuable insights, and a bit of humor.