SS2.0 - #52: How to 3X your LinkedIn Response Rate in 30 Days with Mandy McEwen
Mastering Modern SellingOctober 07, 202300:49:1733.89 MB

SS2.0 - #52: How to 3X your LinkedIn Response Rate in 30 Days with Mandy McEwen

In this episode we are joined by Mandy McEwen the founder of Luminetics. Mandy is a well known speaker and an expert on LinkedIn and Social Selling and we will explore Mandy's successful strategies, techniques and best practices for accelerating your response rate on LinkedIn in just 30 days.

In this week's show, Mandy takes us on her journey from entering the LinkedIn game in 2015 to becoming a pro at humanizing content marketing. Get ready to absorb her unique insights as she shares how she transforms businesses by building personal brands on LinkedIn.

In an age where digital communication often supersedes face-to-face interaction, our conversation emphasizes the need for a human touch. We explore the power of crafting a personal brand, discussing the importance of understanding your why, what, and how and sharing this information with your network. We shed light on the potential of personal engagement in networking. The value of digital deposits, like comments, can go a long way in creating lasting impressions, meaningful connections, and potential customers. 

To wrap up, we delve into the realm of LinkedIn content engagement. We discuss how to kickstart your sales teams with content creation, the importance of content curation, and a practical three-step approach towards it. But that's not all. Mandy shares a golden nugget on how personal comments on profiles and posts can triple engagement. Finally, we touch base on the significance of sending connection requests on LinkedIn and tips on how to do it effectively. So, whether you are a seasoned LinkedIn user or a newbie, tune in to level up your LinkedIn game with our deep dive into humanizing content marketing.