SSFN.43 - What's New in LinkedIn Sales Navigator!
Mastering Modern SellingJuly 24, 2023x
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SSFN.43 - What's New in LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

In this episode we are joined by LinkedIn expert Alexander Low where we will explore the latest features, capabilities and strategies with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

3:22- What’s new in LinkedIn Sales Navigator 
4:47- Alex introduction
10:53- Necessity of Sales Navigator 
14:00- It’s more than a search tool
17:15- Example of Sales Navigator
20:06- Is it worth it? 
22:43- Weaknesses of Navigator 
25:51- More examples of Sales Navigator 
29:49- Newbie to Sales Navigator
33:06- More focused
36:15- Commenting and algorithm
40:09- You can say it again and again 
45:26- New in Sales Navigator
50:58- Team Link
55:24 - Wrapping up

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